By Kevin Phillips

13th Jun, 2021 | 6:00pm

Phillips claims 'huge' Rangers proposal will help to secure '56

Kevin Phillips has been blown away after it was announced Rangers would give supporters the opportunity to purchase shares in the club.

The Sunderland legend, speaking exclusively to Football Insider, insisted this is a huge boost to the club’s title chances next season.

On 1st June, Rangers announced the launch of a new share scheme which will allow fans “the opportunity to help future-proof our club and build a lasting, fan-based legacy.”

Shareholders who acquire shares will be able to attend the club’s AGM as well as hold some voting rights.

The club hopes to raise £6.75million in investment from the share initiative.

Phillips claims Rangers can spend this money on new transfers that can help to secure title 56.

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“It’s a good move all round,” Phillips told Football Insider correspondent Dylan Childs.

“We always say we want fans more involved in football clubs. Everything is down to the fans. 

“They can have a huge impact on how much income the club brings in, in terms of season tickets and so on. 

“To be able to buy shares as well seems like a clever idea and the sensible one. 

“They can use those funds to strengthen the squad again so they can win the title again next season. 

“To me, that sounds like a great idea.”

Rangers won their 55th title last season as they finished their league campaign unbeaten.

They finished 25 points ahead of Celtic and broke through the 100 point barrier on the final day.

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