By Noel Whelan

2nd Jul, 2021 | 8:00pm

Pundit makes 'huge' Newcastle claim after arbitration update

Noel Whelan admitted he was wowed by the confidence shown by Newcastle United in their statement against the Premier League.

The former striker, speaking exclusively to Football Insider, suggested the Magpies must have some serious evidence to “call out” the officiating body.

In a statement issued on Thursday (July 1st), Newcastle invited the Premier League to waive their right to confidentiality and allow the arbitration to be carried out in public.

The Magpies have called for transparency from the Premier League after the failed Saudi-backed takeover bid.

Newcastle insisted they should “not be afraid of the public spotlight” if they have acted lawfully.

Whelan admitted the officiating body held “huge power” over its member clubs.

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However, he suggested there should be no reason for them not to accept Newcastle’s request.

Whelan told Football Insider’s Russell Edge: “You would only say things like that when you’ve got backup and you believe it.

“The club wouldn’t stand face to face with the Premier League. You wouldn’t out them and ask them to make it transparent otherwise.

“I’m sure they’ve got very good lawyers, Mike Ashley. They wouldn’t be calling them out if they weren’t brave enough and didn’t have the evidence to do that.

“They are the Premier League and they govern us.

“Whether Manchester United, Liverpool or Manchester City. They have the power. Huge power.

“I don’t see any way the Premier League cannot give somebody a reason or show them evidence on what they’re asking for.”

In other news, Newcastle United are to launch fresh defender bid from Premier League rivals.