By John Wenham

17th Jun, 2022 | 9:54pm

Tottenham expert shares 'amazing' Hotspur Way verdict after behind-the-scenes reveal

No expense is spared at the Tottenham Hotspur training ground after a behind-the-scenes reveal.

That is according to Spurs insider John Wenham, who regularly breaks news about the club on his Lilywhite Rose social media channels.

Wenham recently had the chance to go behind the scenes at Hotspur Way.

He was blown away by what he saw.

“I was really lucky, my daughter won a competition to train at Hotspur Way last weekend,” Wenham told Football Insider correspondent Ben Wild.

“We went and did the tour, a lot of it I had seen before but there were some areas I hadn’t seen before.

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“It was really impressive to see how Antonio Conte works with his team and the huge swimming pools they have on site along with the recovery centres.

“It was great to see it all first hand. The guy who works there was explaining to us that they are always looking for more people there.

“It doesn’t matter if they spend an extra £30,000 or £40,000 on physios because if, for example, Sonny can get back from injury one day quicker and in that one day he scores the goal that gets you into the top four, that is £50million that pays for itself.

“There was a no expense spared vibe. That makes absolute sense, they want to be the best at what they are doing.

“The facilities are the blueprint of what other clubs come and look at when they build their own training centres.

“It is why we have so many international teams, the Italian national side stayed there before they won the Euros last summer.

“The USA women’s national team have stayed, Brazil have stayed. It’s a fantastic facility and it was an amazing opportunity for me to go and see some of that stuff.”

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