By John Wenham

8th Nov, 2021 | 3:00pm

Tottenham insider claims 'amazing' Conte move fans loved was PR stunt

Antonio Conte’s late arrival to last week’s pre-Everton press conference may have been a PR move by Tottenham.

That is according to Spurs insider John Wenham, who regularly breaks news about the club on his Lilywhite Rose social media channels.

As per The Evening Standard’s Dan Kilpatrick, journalists were left waiting for more than an hour on Friday after Conte was late to his first Spurs presser.

The club briefed that the team was still training ahead of Sunday’s game against Everton.

Conte apologised for the delay once he turned up almost an hour later than scheduled.

Some fans praised the manager for his commitment to managing his players though Wenham claims this was nothing more than a PR move.

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When Football Insider‘s Ben Wild insinuated Conte’s delay was something unplanned, Wenham said, “Are you sure?

“I’m sorry, they know the times. They know when it is time to go to the press.

“They have a player liaison officer who is always very prompt with telling players and staff where they need to be at what time.

“It may have been that the officer was a bit nervous about speaking to Conte, the new man and all that.

“I have to say I doubt that. They know very well what the times are, come on.

“It’s good PR and I saw lots of people saying positive things, like it was amazing and what you want to see. Personally, I feel it’s a little bit put-on.

“There are a few things at Tottenham that look at little put-on but that is an issue for another time.

“There is no way Conte didn’t know there were 20-odd journalists waiting for him.

“That’s just my opinion but I’m not quite sure it was what people say it was.”

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