By Kieran Maguire

15th Jan, 2021 | 10:59am

'Levy Is A Superb Negotiator...Free Money' - Exclusive: Finance guru reacts to Spurs reveal

Daniel Levy has proved yet again that he’s more than capable of securing the financial future of Tottenham as he secured a sleeve sponsor for the club.

That is according to finance guru and new Football Insider columnist Kieran Maguire, speaking exclusively to correspondent Adam Williams after Spurs announced their partnership with online car-selling platform Cinch.

Maguire believes the timing of the deal is just right, especially given the recent problems the club have encountered in organising a new stadium sponsor.

Asked by whether now was the right time to sure up revenue streams amid the economic turmoil generated by the pandemic, he told Football Insider: “Yes, what they’re looking to do is expand their range of partners. Initially, I think Spurs wanted to announce their stadium sponsor before they had their sleeve sponsor.

“But the stadium announcement was stalled. Trying to get big corporates on board in the middle of a pandemic is difficult. What’s the point in having a stadium sponsor if no one’s going to the stadium?

“I think Spurs are probably right to delay and defer that decision, whereas the sleeve sponsor, that’s gonna be seen on every TV match that they play, and that’s exposure for Cinch.

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“We’ve seen Liverpool renew their sleeve sponsor and they managed to get a couple of extra million on the back of that.

“Spurs aren’t operating in quite the same pool as Liverpool financially, but I still think they would have got a very good deal off the back of that. Daniel Levy is a superb negotiator who knows the value of the brand. He will have got a good market price.

“From Spurs’ point of view, it’s free money coming in, to a certain extent. They don’t have to do anything but display the wares. They won’t be doing big commercial deals with the sponsors because we’re operating in a Covid environment.”

The five-year deal will see Cinch’s logo displayed on the shirts of Spurs’ men’s and women’s teams.

The announcement came after Spurs release their 2020 financial report, showing that the club made after-tax losses of £63.9million.

In other news, a former Tottenham man has said Spurs must “spend big” if they are to improve their squad this January.