By Darren Bent

6th Jan, 2021 | 8:30pm

'This Can't Keep Happening' - Exclusive: Pundit rages at Tottenham reveal

The three Tottenham players who breached COVID-19 guidelines over Christmas are damaging football’s image.

That is according to 106-goal former Premier League striker Darren Bent, speaking exclusively to Football Insider correspondent Adam Williams after Sergio Reguilon, Giovani Lo Celso and Erik Lamela were pictured attending gatherings over the festive period.

Tottenham stated they were “extremely disappointed” in the trio and that the “matter will be dealt with internally” –  although Reguillon was still named as a substitute for Saturday’s victory over Leeds.


Spurs are not the only institution whose reputation has suffered as a result of this lapse in discipline, says Darren Bent.

He told Football Insider: “It’s just not a good look for football and for footballers. Because once again people are labelling you, saying ‘you earn a lot of money so you think you’re exempt from the law.’

“And they’re right, they shouldn’t be able to get away with it. Just because they’re in a privileged position as footballers, they shouldn’t be exempt.

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“It’s endangering people’s lives.

“I know a lot of the pictures look a bit innocuous, players with their families etc.

“It may look harmless, but at the end of the day it’s government guidelines and you’ve got to put health and safety first.

“Unfortunately, it gives football a bad name. We’re seeing it all over the place, Manchester City, Spurs, and it’s just not good.

“We can’t keep seeing these things happening.”

Spurs are not the only club to have had to deal with these modern problems.

Two Rangers players, Jordan Jones and George Edmundson, were suspended for seven matches after breaching guidelines, while Manchester City’s Kyle Walker has been blasted by the media for two separate rule-breaking incidents.

In other news, a former Spurs favourite has given his verdict on a worrying incident in Saturday’s 3-0 win over Leeds.