By Dr Dan Plumley

15th Nov, 2022 | 5:41am

Finance expert: Newcastle United could complete landmark January signing as £70m+ news confirmed

Newcastle United are under pressure to complete a big signing in January after their start to the season exceeded expectations.

That is the view of finance expert Doctor Dan Plumley, speaking exclusively to Football Insider as Newcastle’s owners confirmed a new investment into the squad.

In a statement released last week (9 November), the owner’s revealed they had pumped in a further £70.4million to deal with the off-the-field issues.

Sources told Football Insider earlier this month (5 November) that Newcastle United had set aside a “huge” sum for a blockbuster January signing.

“We’ve seen that investment ringed fence for off-the-field stuff and we know that a lot of what’s going on behind the scenes is about growing that club and it’s all really positive stuff,” Plumley told Football Insider‘s Connor Whitley.

“In terms of the FFP, they were always OK in regard to that during Mike Ashley’s reign. He left them in a really good position financially and able to spend. That often gets forgotten about.

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“I still get a feeling they are operating gradually in the transfer market instead of loads of big-money signings in a cluster.

“You might see one big money signing year to year and one or two additions along the way.

“The pressure from an expectation point of view is interesting. Look at where they are at the minute in the table, if the Champions League is on the agenda now, more so than where they thought it might be, that creates a bit of pressure.

“For an English club, we know that getting to the Champions League is worth between £50million and £70million at least. It’s not just a huge statement for the club but also financially.

“The January window is interesting because of whether they want to go for it but I get the sense they are doing things a bit more gradually than that.

“I might be speaking out of turn but I think in the table now, they are in a better position than they perhaps expected to be at the World Cup break.

“Now the question is, what’s the ceiling this season? The top four gets you the Champions League and that’s a really enticing prospect and one that might change the internal conversations.”

In other news, Newcastle United have been told to U-turn on Miguel Almiron after a source reveals a “£60million” deal.