Celtic fans will easily turn on Eddie Howe if he becomes their next manager because of his reluctance to initially accept the job.

That is the view of ex-England defender Danny Mills, speaking exclusively to Football Insider after it was revealed Howe is not the frontrunner for the Crystal Palace job.

Football Insider understands Burnley boss Sean Dyche is now Palace’s preferred choice to succeed Roy Hodgson after Dyche, Howe and Frank Lampard formed an initial three-man shortlist.


This has handed Celtic a major boost in their pursuit of Howe after a verbal agreement was reached at the beginning of April.

“We’ve talked about it before with how transfers work, clubs have a list of one, two, three players,” Mills told Football Insider correspondent Connor Whitley.

“Another club has a list of one, two, three players. You might be first on one list and second on the other.

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“There will always be a cut-off point where a club moves on ‘Ok, we’re not getting the first choice, we’re going to go for the second.’

“The problem is if you get your timing wrong and everybody does their business and you end up as nobody’s choice.

“Maybe he’s holding out for another job but if he holds out for too long and Celtic appoint somebody else then he doesn’t get the job he’s hoping for, suddenly you’re way down the list.

“It’s a little bit of a game of cat and mouse. You have to be careful.

“If somebody wants you, they want you. You have to make up your mind ‘Do I really want to go or not?’ Make that decision and stick with it.

“It puts you on the wrong foot with the fans because they’re thinking ‘He doesn’t really want to be here. He wants to be somewhere else.’

“The moment you have a couple of bad results they start going ‘Well, he didn’t want to be here in the first place, we were second choice. He’s only come here for the money.’

“You don’t really want to start like that.”

In other news, the power is in Celtic’s hands as an executive reveals their “massive” stance on a £350million project.