By Gabriel Agbonlahor

17th Feb, 2021 | 7:00am

Agbonlahor has surprise take on Rangers probe & what Gerrard will do

Gabriel Agbonlahor has urged Steven Gerrard to show some leniency to the Rangers players accused of breaching lockdown rules.

That is according to ex-England striker Gabby Agbonlahor, speaking exclusively after Football Insider broke the news at 7pm on Sunday that police had caught four Rangers players breaking Covid-19 guidelines by attending a party.

Jordan Jones and George Edmundson were disciplined by Rangers in November for a similar offence — both players left the club on loan in January.

Ibrox sources have told Football Insider that senior stars tore into the miscreants and made it abundantly clear they had stepped way out of line.

Supporters have been almost unanimous in calling for the club to get rid of the players involved, with Football Insider’s Facebook pages besieged by furious Bears.

Former pro Agbonlahor has a surprisingly different take to the majority of fans, as well other angry pundits.

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He asserts that the quartet should be punished but that Gerrard should take into account their frustration amid the current pandemic situation.

He told Football Insider correspondent Adam Williams: “As a manager, you’re gonna be judged on your decisions and how strict you are.

“I think he’ll bring the players in and say ‘I understand you’re young and you want to party.’

“Obviously, most young people would be partying on a Saturday night normally. But these are strange, crazy times and at the end of the day, they shouldn’t be doing that.

“He might have to give them a hard punishment otherwise it’s going to look bad on him. I could see Gerrard fining them and giving them a suspension just to show that other players can’t do it.

“You need to show your leadership, but it is hard. They are young players who want to party and they need to be handled carefully, but I’m sure they’ll learn from their punishment and they won’t do it again.”

Rangers acknowledged the “alleged incident” in a Twitter statement at 8.14pm on Sunday.

In other news, a former Ibrox defender has tipped this player to start against Royal Antwerp on Thursday.